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Business on the go?

GW Collaborative Workplaces offers memberships that enables your freedom to travel and keep your business where it belongs.


Hassle free is finally here.

So many entrepreneurs are looking for simple ways to work and maintain a healthy life balance at the same time. This is where GW Collaborative Workplaces comes to the rescue.

With our professional image plan, you will be able to add our business address to your website to your website, business cards, marketing collateral etc. By marketing our business address, this gives you the freedom to travel globally and sustain a physical location for your company.

If you're responsible for answering your business phone calls, you may miss one or two calls. Leave your business calls in our hands and we will make it impossible for you to miss a call. In addition to this service, we offer message taking.

Don't be shy. Find out how we can help your business!

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