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Get Rid of Employee Fees & Benefits For Good. Quality Contractors Ready To Service Your Business.

We couldn't be more thrilled to begin offering such an amazing service to help support various businesses in different industries and communities. We are always looking for new ways to help you save and invest better. Now you get a chance to do both at GW Collaborative Workplaces.

Let's Discuss Your On-Site Needs

More businesses are breaking away from traditional employees and hiring contractors to complete the same job. They are seeing phenomenal results whereas the quality of work is equivalent or higher in comparison to a company employee. So what are some of these reasons for the rapid switch of new hire preference within companies of different sizes?

✔ No more health benefits = Savings of average of $5,000 - $7,000+/year

✔ No more federal fees

✔ Save money on hiring and recruiting

✔ Flexible short term or long term needs

✔ Use a contractor when you need them

Major differences between contractors and temp agencies:- No out of control fees- Customized work schedule to match your budget- No hard feelings when you want to break away Stay in control

We give you the steering wheel to change directions whenever you want. You get to choose how and when you need assistance. Contractors will dress (up to code or wear uniform), work, and communicate to your standards. Just like an employee. Let us know your requirements, ideal rate, hours, and duration. We'll pair you with the right fit. That's right. Employees on demand. GW Collaborative Workplaces #LessIsMore #BronxBusinessAddress #AdministrativeService #VirtualOffice #Receptionist #Admin #Bronx #TheBronx #VirtualOffices #TelephoneAnswering #BronxProfessionalAddress #BronxCoworking #BronxCoworkingSpace #OfficeSpace #OfficeSpaces #BronxOffices #BronxOfficeSpace #AdministrativeServices #Contractor #BronxContractor #TemporaryAssistance #Temp #TempWork #TempWorker #Admin

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