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Business Highlight: Jahlour Wash & Fold

It Begins With A Journey

Jahlour Laundromat’s “journey started to guarantee that everyday folks we meet, get a high-quality laundry and cleaning service at an affordable price,” said co-owner. When we visited this facility, we immediately noticed the difference.

We Visited And We Discovered

The laundry service is impeccable, equipped with state of the art amenities and services to ensure a comfortable experience.

Some of these include:

  • Concierge - Laundry and/or dry cleaning pick up and drop off service

  • Wi-Fi

  • Great off street parking

  • Cable,

  • Comfortable seating

  • Array of detergent and softener selections

We asked one of the co-owners why she began this journey. She was thrilled and happy to respond, “As a single mother of two wonderful boys, I know spending time with your children is precious. I wish I could see my own more often. Time spent not seeing them grow makes me cherish those special moments with them. That’s why we decided to open a laundromat and dry cleaning service. Because saving you time to do more of what you value drives us. We want to improve the lives of working families. Providing you with the care you deserve.” Well said. The feeling of appreciation for customers and dedication was definitely seen.

If you haven’t already, try these highly recommended services from Jahlour Laundromat!

Location: 2591 St Raymond Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: 718-676-1220

Author: GW Collaborative Workplaces

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