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Employee Coverage

Starting at $15/hr.


Every business has three consistent goals: 

1. Grow, retain, and increase revenue

2. Provide the best service to your clients

3. Hire the best staff to help you deliver


 GW Collaborative Workplaces handles your employee coverage/assistance so you can focus on the first two goals. Temporary, full/part time.

  • No employee taxes/fees/1099's

  • No temp agency fees 

  • Customize your required days/wk./mos.

  • Competitive hourly rates = SAVINGS

Whether you need long term or short term coverage, we've made it easy and competitive to help you run your business with high quality staff. 

Fields of expertise:

  • Office Management

  • Receptionist

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Billing

  • Collections

  • Call Center

  • Sales

  • Retail 

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